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RL135 - Lounge Pimp (Lounge Mix)

July 12th, 2017

All that is old is not therefore necessarily excellent; all that is new is not despicable on that account alone. Let what is really meritorious be pronounced so by the candid judge after due investigation; blockheads alone are influenced by the opinion of others. -Hindu Drama

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Trip Down (Reflex Sound) Beatmasta
2 04:31 Calm And Quiet C.Cil
3 07:09 Come Live With Me Matthew Kyle
4 10:55 Coming Home Pearldriver
5 13:44 Memories Twentyeight
6 18:27 Caliente T_Mo
7 21:16 One Love Dusk
8 24:59 You Are the Light Hawaba-A-Shikwa
9 29:50 The Urban Chill Zone DJ MNX
10 35:01 Mon Amour Lulu Colette
11 40:14 Roke Rithma
12 44:19 Makin Me Foniks
13 46:20 Mellow Foggy Sky
14 51:32 Codimension Silent Breeze
15 56:41 Smoother Things David Nicelrod