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RL134 - Between Ocean & Forest (Jazzy Lounge and Latin Chillout)

July 8th, 2017

In this episode we place ourselves in the Islands and find ourselves listening to a combination of Latin and Jazzy Lounge. We start out on a romantic note, with some sweet crooning in Spanish. One does not have to understand a language to get a feel for love and beauty and both “Amor Profundo” and “Herido de Sombras” are fitting and quaint examples. Love seeps out of their every note, every backing instrument, and every back-up singers voice. It is an absolute feast of Love and is sure to get you thinking of a loved one.

While “The New Jazz Five” is not exactly the most Jazzy of tracks, what it is represents Health Food for the sensitive soul. The vocal poetic mumblings, the sweet strings from the Spanish Guitar, the funky percussion, the flute – perfection. “Soulalchemy” is not only cleverly named, but it is also a bit of a shock to the senses. Here is this Michael Jackson like vocalist singing over Latin beats rather than R&B. It works! Great song for those who cannot stomach traditional R&B but kinda like the vocal delivery.

“Faraway” by Kora3000 seems to me to be the perfect travel track. The feel is of “faraway” places where people have drinks with little umbrellas and are generally happy for no other reason than being alive. Who would not enjoy that …even if for only a few minutes.

But really I could go on and on about the highlights but for me, if there was just one track I would beg you to listen to, it would be “Konspiration” – thrown in as a bonus at the end. OMG! The keys, the horns, the vocals, the lyrics, the arrangement, the whole – FIRE! There is something about it that just feels ridiculously romantic and impossibly mixed up between Soul and Jazz. It is just incredibly beautiful. Don’t miss it. Cheers and enjoy!

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Amor Profundo Julio Jaramillo
2 02:45 Herido de Sombras Ibrahim Ferrer
3 06:58 Barbado El Conductor
4 10:57 The New Jazz Five Weathertunes
5 15:06 Party Time Soulalchemy
6 18:56 People Can't Stop Chillin (Ambient Del Mar Cafe Mix) Guru Sax
7 24:53 Faraway Kora3000
8 29:20 Silencio Johannes Huppertz
9 34:23 Jazz In Your Mind Bernd Langer
10 40:25 Chill On Ios Amorgos
11 47:43 Amore (Latin Mix) Florens; Gasparus Ezekius
12 52:30 Asnowed Nutritous Wax
13 56:44 Under the Sun Neverends Monodeluxe
14 61:51 Konspiration Konferenz