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RH88 - Global Underground (Deep House Mix)

August 24th, 2017

“Even though on the outside we glittered like gold, inside we were almost as black as coal. Sometimes the glitter people saw was only the shattered pieces reflecting among the broken glass.” -Tracy Krimmer

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 These Dark Rhodes Wonji
2 07:44 Want U Tonight (Harley & Muscle Deep Remix) Mateo & Matos Feat. Vincent Inc
3 13:09 Feel The Same Caprivian
4 18:50 Found My Light (The Layabouts Instrumental Mix) Imaani
5 26:50 The Blues Afefe Iku
6 32:00 India Over Africa In America Problem Child
7 36:39 Emotive (Spiritual Club Mix) David Anthony (UK)
8 41:48 Real House To The Real People (Melchyor A's Reconstruction Mix) Deep Y'All & Melchyor A
9 47:26 Afrika Wo-man UPZ, Black Motion, Theo Lawson
10 53:04 Transverb Lovebirds