RL85 - Lucid Lounging

• June 14th, 2015

Well, really, life has thrown quite a bit at me of late and I am a bit in disarray. There is one thing though that remains clear: In Lounge I trust. And so when I fond myself with time to spare last night, all I could think about is the soothing sounds and melodies of funky, slightly up-tempo lounge. This mix came up in one-shot and when I was done, I could swear I was somewhere else. One is very lucky indeed if one can find ANY type of music that promotes and encourages freedom of mind. In a manner of speaking, there are mental portals. Some things release us to them in a natural way without resorting to any drugs at all. The only thing I could compare it to is Lucid Dreams. Some music contains the inherent ability of taking us to that state. Find yours if this mix is not your thing. Enjoy.

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Mary Lynn Stargazer, Florzinho
2 03:23 Forever Walking Forever Walking
3 08:43 El Amor En Vivo En Vivo
4 12:37 Floating The Sura Quintet
5 17:14 Flower Of Spring The Dream Catchers
6 23:17 Feel Your Love Polished Chrome
7 29:04 Dreaming Pearldiver
8 33:09 100 Billion Stars Lux
9 37:57 Summer Moods DJ Amor
10 41:41 Gin Tonixx (Icecrusher Mix) Café Americaine
11 45:47 Contigo Para Siempre Cesar Martinez
12 50:24 Maybe Happy Ending Alex Modigliani Feat. Danny Martinelli
13 53:28 Blooming Flowers Clelia Felix
14 56:19 Love and Fever (Gin and Tonic Mix) Juwan Rates
Listen Now:

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RL84 - Slo Poison 4 The Jaded Traveller

• May 15th, 2015

When the Tao prevails in the world, they send back their swift horses to (draw) the dung-carts. When the Tao is disregarded in the world, the war-horses breed in the border lands. Lau Tzu

I have no idea what that means but I was recently hospitalised for a short period and, in a moment of boredom, decided to tear into "Tao Te King (Dao 'h Ching)". Wow ...just wow. Ever seen (or read the book) "Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy"? Its my favourite book since childhood and I tell you what - Deep Thought is Lau Tzu!

Stunning music in here ...grilled slow and funky for the Funkisto and Funkista! Enjoy!

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Breath Away Johannes Huppertz
2 04:28 DUBman Beatmasta
3 09:33 Electra Life Bladewalker
4 14:51 D.O.N.T. Minor Dreamer
5 18:38 On the lake Enrico Donner
6 23:27 Again Chris Feat. Adel Tawil Zippel
7 27:56 Beautiful Crazy Space Raiders
8 31:30 Amerimacka Thievery Corporation
9 36:49 Red Eyes Amun
10 41:07 Jazanova Allee der Kosmonauten
11 47:33 Global Information (Freedom Mix) Data
12 52:16 Cashmir cathedral Grasshoppers
13 56:41 Summer Breeze 80s Casual
Listen Now:

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RL83 - Sunset-ism (Mid-Tempo Funky Lounge Mix)

• March 31st, 2015

And now, for the 1st Law of Sunset-ism:

I asked an experienced elder who had profited by his knowledge of the world, "What course should I pursue to obtain prosperity?" He replied, "Contentment--if you are able, practise contentment." - Selman


Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 To Music, To Love Monodeluxe
2 05:02 Ik Ben Droevig Ben Droevig
3 09:55 A Night Alone John Diloo, Dimi Wilson
4 13:55 Deep Forest JR from Dallas
5 17:36 Nevaeh (Intro Mix) Hazem Beltagui
6 23:03 Tenderly Dawn Collioure
7 27:14 Paseo Por Avinyo Ricard Pastor
8 31:05 Everything (Vocal Soundscapes Mix) Jean Mare Feat. Svetlana
9 36:12 Just Chilling Monodeluxe
10 41:29 Beach Pearl On Ibiza (White Waves Cut) Pascal Dubois
11 45:48 Devotion Eigenart
12 51:24 Sunset Groove Sunset Session Group
Listen Now:

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RH49 - Devotion (Soulful House Mix)

• March 12th, 2015

Can you believe that we are finally on Resonant House v49? I still listen to the first one and man what a journey it has been. I remember the first ones, from about v1 to v11 only getting about 50 hits on average. Back then the spirit was much more adventurous ..with some tracks bordering on Dubstep ….God forbid …and I say that with utmost respect to the lovers of that genre. If you are still here from back then, do you remember "Moses"? That thing is on a whole level of its own. I still listen to it occasionally and I am still not able to make up my mind about just what it is that I am listening to but that thing is as funky AF! Then there was Soul Sista Shakti, Joey Negro and others.

But there is no need for you to go digging for those Resonant House classics - v50 will be a full length mix featuring bangers all the way from v1 to now. How I am going to do it is beyond me but I will try to include at least twice the number of tracks ..meaning 20. It is going to be an absolutely epic journey. Peter Tosh, if you listened to the previous RL mixed, wailed something about "I am a man of the past, standing in the present, walking in the future". Besides being an awesome Haiku, it is also inspired lyrics and represents what Resonant House v50 will be all about. Do not miss it! Soulful House, Deep House, Chill House and good old unclassifiable s%^t like "Moses". Yums!

But v49 stands tall in its own right. The first track by Axus, "Suite Disappointment" is the stuff of Angels and is a sure classic. The others, from two to seven are definitive Soulful House. "Believe" by Joseph Hines and Loretta is inspirational, funky and so uplifting. Do not miss it! Eight and nine are both gorgeous and sexy soulful instrumentals. They are proper soulful dance music and demand movement to experience them properly. The last track is a stunning vocal track and forms a fitting finish to a mix that started on the vocal tip. This format is not done like this by accident. It is what I did in Resonant House v1 and I thought it was a fitting way to celebrate that first edition. Please enjoy and look out for v50 …which comes next.

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Suite Disappointment (Rocco Mix) Axus
2 05:39 Perfectly (Atjazz Vocal Mix) The Layabouts, Shea Soul
3 12:35 The Promise (Luvbug Vocal Mix) Nathan G feat. Alexander East
4 18:36 Only Love (Main Vocal Mix) Monocles & Slezz with Andy Compton feat. Tantra Zawadi & Dana Byrd
5 25:45 Turn You On Mi Casa
6 29:52 Believe (Dj Fale Remix) Joseph Hines, Loretta
7 36:04 Send Me (Reelsoul Full Length Mix) Distant People, Stephanie Cooke
8 42:15 No Turning Back (Reconstructed Mix) Dominox Latte, Ray Lavino
9 48:04 Frabjous Nights DeepInked
10 54:16 Complicated (DJ Christos Magical Mix) Ralf Gum ft Kafele
Listen Now:

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RL82 - Reggae Lounge

• February 22nd, 2015

I remember watching a bit of this concert that Bob Marley did in Zimbabwe …way back when they had just won independence from British rule. Before this event, Bob Marley had been touched by the whole freedom fight deal that was happening there …to the point of recording a track called Zimbabwe. Not that it has anything to do with what I am telling you but if you ever get a chance to hear that track, grab a drink and sit down ..quickly! It is a stunner …you will want to enjoy it.

Anyway when Zimbabwe then became Zimbabwe (it was formaerly Rhodesia), the first thing on the menu for the new government was to celebrate and who could do that without inviting the man that dedicated a song to you? So a delegation was sent off and Bob was invited to come and perform at the Independence celebrations. But for one reason or the other the government was broke and could not afford Bob's rates. So what does Bob do? He decides to waiver the fees and do it for free. Some say he saw himself as some sort of freedom fighter but who knows …

So the day comes and Bob and his backing band are doing their usual mesmerising thing on stage. But then trouble develops as a whole bunch of freedom fighters, who could not get in the venue by legal means, decide to collapse the fencing surrounding the place. Things then escalate …quickly. On stage Bob and his band are blissfully unaware …giving no number of f*&ks at all. But the keepers of law and order, such as they were, were well aware of the looming trouble posed by the now over-excited freedom fighters. Clearly incapable of finding any other solution, they fire teargas indiscriminately at the crowd. Pandemonium breaks out! People running, ducking and screaming everywhere. On stage the band becomes aware of these apocalyptic scenes and without a second thought, they run off stage. And what of Bob? Well, and honestly this is twilight zone type stuff, he carries on blissfully unaware and continues dancing like a man possessed. At this point there is no band ..no music! Just screaming and panicking people everywhere. And yet on stage is this unforgettable and enduring image of a dancing Rastaman ..dreadlocks flying wildly all over the place. At one point he shuts his eyes, which were closed all along, even tighter. He vigorously shakes his head ..clearly trying to literally shake off the tear gas. Mesmerizing stuff.

This music moves people in ways that you cannot begin to imagine. If the above true story does now show you that, nothing will. Enjoy!

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Do you Feel my Love Eddy Grant
2 02:52 Prodigal Son Steel Pulse
3 07:44 Civilized Reggae Burning Spear
4 13:06 1 in 10 UB40
5 17:21 Lively Up Yourself Bob Marley & The Wailers
6 20:12 Springheel Skanking Don Carlos
7 23:24 Soul Shakedown Party Bob Marley & The Wailers
8 26:27 Brain Food Burning Spear
9 29:21 Soldiers Steel Pulse
10 33:47 Pimper's Paradise Bob Marley
11 36:53 Everybody Needs Lovin' Toots & the Maytals
12 39:49 King UB40
13 44:01 Mystic Man Peter Tosh
14 49:40 Man In The Hills Burning Spear
15 53:25 Cool Meditation Third World
16 56:51 Redemption Song Bob Marley
Listen Now:

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RL80 - Chilled Society (Chilled Lounge Mix)

• February 10th, 2015

The first time I heard “Toscan Dawn” a couple of years ago, I almost choked on the Kit Kat I was eating. Now I am not a habitual consumer of chocolates and when I do have them, it is out of some urge and when it happens, there are no loyalties. I happened to choose a Kit Kat that day because it was the easiest choice when I found myself faced by a wall of chocolates of all shapes and sizes. How do I remember all this? Because a significant even happened and it was precipitated by Faro and the amazing song that is “Toscan Dawn”.

I thought I was listening to something otherworldly …or at least the effect it had on me was otherworldly. For a brief moment I felt the vastness of the big and small – of the Universe and the space that is within and both are vast. I felt as if all of existence was listening to this song and for the first time I understood what I thought people might have felt when Pythagoras played music for them (a story for another day). He knew what many today know and have felt and that is that certain music, or songs, have the ability of opening pathways of thought that we hitherto had no idea existed.

In my excitement I went and used the track (Toscan Dawn) in a Ambient Mix. I was hoping for a meditative effect but it never really worked out as it should have. Anyway last week I was playing music for some people and, for some reason, Tuscan Dawn ended up before me. I did not play it because it was the wrong environment but I did make a mental note to try and make a mix that would surround Tuscan Dawn with tracks that produce a similar effect. RL80 is that mix and man what a mindf&*k this is! We have Club De Belugas! And L.O.B…and Blue Mind …and Airstream! All these tracks are straight out of the “Alternative Meditation Handbook”!

Now I know that the effect will never be the same for everyone but take a listen while relaxed and keep an eye on your thoughts. Where do they go? What do you feel? Whatever your answers, I hope you will at least find the music interesting. Please note that I have used a few of these tracks some years ago in other mixes. What we have here is new combinations and relationships and transitions – a re-construction of you will. Throughout the mix from beginning to end I am chasing a feeling and not a sound. I hope you will enjoy it.

Oh and I apologize for the slow pace at which mixes are getting released. I should be back now to bringing out a new one every three weeks now that I have some resolution in my personal life. Also, please give some love to “Black Cherry” by Individualism. It has proven to be the inspiration for the next mix – that’s right, REGGAE TIME! Jah Rastafari! That is going to be some cool sh&t. I will be focusing the whole thing on a couple of reggae artists that have moved me over the years; Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Peter Tosh, LKJ, UB40, Eddie Grant, Steel Pulse and Third World. It is going to be ridiculously BOONOONOONOUS! BOONOONOONOUS? Rasta slang for …umm “wonderful”!

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Toscan Dawn Faro
2 05:30 La Mer Club Des Belugas
3 10:12 Smooth Trumpation Lenny Ibizarre, Trumpetman
4 13:39 Deep Down L.O.B.
5 17:43 Really Blue Mind
6 21:50 City Love (Dreamfly Mix) Airstream
7 27:06 Sonnenwind Astro Pilot
8 32:35 Lazy Day Steve Osaka
9 36:55 The Best Way D'Nell
10 41:47 Black Cherry Individualism
11 46:15 This Is Love The Charlie North Michael E Project
12 51:53 Because Eddie Silverton
13 57:13 Getting There (Tourist) Magnus Wedberg
Listen Now:

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RH48 - Kalahari Jazzy House Sessions

• January 20th, 2015

"Yet I've noticed the same thing when your band plays - the most amazing social coherence, as if you all shared the same brain."
"Sure," agreed 'Dope', "but you can't call that organization."
"What do you call it then?"
-Thomas Pynchon

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 If Only For One Night (Cajmere & Russoul Mix) Russoul, Ari Lourdes
2 08:48 Guns and Colors (Modell & Mercier Mix) Chick Le Chic
3 12:26 Schakunta (Afrolounge Mix) Christian Hornbostel
4 19:06 IFeel Alive Five Seasons
5 23:22 Life Evolution Harley&Muscle
6 30:02 Horny Sax (Rodney Scratchmaster Funk Remix) Rodney Scratchmaster Funk
7 35:54 I Am A Believer KqueSol
8 42:23 Strollin' the Hood Harley&Muscle, Roberto Cacciapaglia
9 48:09 iCulture (Main Mix) Richard Earnshaw
10 53:55 3 Hours From Brazil DJ Roland Clark
Listen Now:

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RL79 - We, The Peace Loving People (Funky Lounge Mix)

• January 9th, 2015

What does one say during such times as those we live in? Recent events have been absolutely horrific and it boggles the mind that these things can be done by people. How anyone can believe that their will can be enforced through violence and how by such action they can attain any peace of worth and value is beyond me. I have no idea what can be done but I stand with the innocent people and the forces of good and non-violence. I also hope that people do not use all this as an excuse to return hate with hate. History shows that this leads to more misery for the common people …like me and you. Anyway nothing I can say will change the situation but I do wish that people would give peace a f*&*$#g chance.

So here is a collection of very funky up-tempo Lounge music. There is a lot of eargasm potential here and treasures abound. There is the classic “I Wanna Go” by the Stereo Mutants, the irrepressibly funky “Cocaine Is A Sin” by The Strike Boss, the Bouncy sound of “Airplanes” by DJ Santero, the mystical sounding “For Shiva” by Moodorama, and the Deep Loungey funky feel of “Flor de Abismo” by Obo. Funkyness reigns supreme from track to track and there is a happy and peaceful feel to the whole mix. But even if you do not agree, the bottom line is that you are in for a treat if you enjoy Funky Lounge that you can dance to. Enjoy and again, my heart goes out to the victims of the recent tragic eve!

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 I'm Diggin' You (Like An Old School Record) Geoffrey Williams
2 04:25 The Sheriff Fila Brazillia
3 13:14 When The Angels Sing Calmstreet Diamonds
4 17:18 I Wanna Go Stereo Mutants
5 21:57 Popular Secret The Lushlife Project
6 27:30 Cocaine Is A Sin The Strike Boys
7 31:42 Airplanes Dj Santero
8 336:33 For Shiva Moodorama
9 41:12 Everything Proxy Brides
10 46:00 Flor de Abismo Qbo
11 51:31 Rain Living Room
12 55:18 Years Go By The Sura Quintet
13 60:32 Your Name (I Just Wanna Know) Newton
Listen Now:

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RH47 - Lovers of the Deep (Deep House Mix)

• December 27th, 2014

Not every one who seeks shall find, nor every one who is indifferent be denied.
Beware of giving up hope in what you earnestly seek.
A wise person perseveres, and is not easily turned away.
Not by fitful efforts, but by constancy, is an end secured.
Ancient Wisdom

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 1976 Ripperton
2 07:06 Histoire D'amour Evren Ulusoy
3 12:47 South African Pesadello (Kevinn Griffiths Basement Dub) Federico Molinari
4 15:21 Paradise Garage Alex Arnout
5 20:31 Let's work DJ Ra Soul
6 25:41 Tsholohelo (Main Mix) Jason Cheiron Feat. Wada
7 29:52 Caipiroska (Tigerskin Remix) Affkt
8 36:19 Everything is Illuminated Jesus Gonsev
9 42:50 These Dark Rhodes Wonji
10 50:35 Shabaan Music (Main) Problem Child
11 54:58 Sax In The City (Raw Artistic Soul Remix) Hood Natives Feat. Mac Z
12 54:23 Getting Closer The Urban District
13 68:47 Brighten (Atnarko's Deep South Remix) Hipp-E
Listen Now:

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RHH12 - Throwback (Hip-Hop Mix)

• December 2nd, 2014

It's just that when you heard hip-hop, no matter where you were, it was a culture that kind of made you want to try to be part of it. Whether you thought you were an artist, whether you thought you could be a DJ, whether you thought you could breakdance, or whether you thought you could rap. It was the kind of culture that had a lot of open doors.
Ice T

I can't control what people think. I'm not trying to manipulate people's thoughts or sentiments. I write all the time. You have to experience life, make observations, and ask questions. It's machine-like how things are run now in hip-hop, and my ambitions are different.
Mos Def

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Mixaloop Intro N/A
2 00:42 Big Poppa (1995 Version) Notorious B.I.G
3 4:41 Episodes The Roots
4 10:22 Streets on Lock Young Jeezy
5 13:33 You Got It J. Cole Feat. Wale
6 17:59 Waste of Time Raphael Saadiq/Snoop Dogg
7 21:06 I got 5 on It Luniz
8 24:46 No Diggity Blackstreet Feat. Dr. Dre
9 29:07 Dance With The Devil Immortal Technique
10 31:58 Fight Music D12
11 36:16 Innermission Prhym8
12 37:34 Reunited Wu-Tang Clan
13 42:51 Foolish Ashanti
14 46:13 It Just Don't Stop The Roots
15 50:44 The Roach (The Chronic Outro) Dr. Dre
16 55:14 Street Dreams NAS
17 59:12 This World Is Mine (Plan B Studio Version) Roots Manuva
Listen Now:

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