RH41 - Deep Soul Essentials (Funky Vocal Soulful House Mix)

• July 18th, 2014

A long, long time ago – so long, in fact, that nobody can actually be sure if such a time even took place at all. But legends of it remain till today and one of these legends/myths/stories tells of a man who had this epic vision. Now personally I had forgotten most of the story but something of it has lingered in my mind since the day I read it years ago. It was a single line – a line of power and perfect construction. Every once in a while you run into a sentence that does this to you and makes a deep impression – one that lingers for years. You will probably forget the context from which the sentence was lifted but the link is established somewhere in your mind and just stays.

Anyway, this man tells of a vision he had and he starts off his account with this memorable sentence: “Me thought a Being more than vast, in size beyond all bounds, called out my name”. Yes, I know – it might be meaningless to you. But there is something about its construction, and whatever is being described by it that just heightens every sense in my body. “a Being more than vast” …are you kidding me?? How many different stories could one start with that intro?

Now I am telling you all this because a sentence, an idea had the power to grasp me and affect me with wonder and admiration for years and years. The exact same can be said about Soulful House. You see, “Me thought I heard some epic s&^t” once upon a time and have ever since been addicted to “4-to-the-Floor” soulful beats. There is something about them that fills me with a lightness of being and I simply cannot get enough. So please excuse me if you thought this Blog was dead – I will never stop buying House music and, by extension, will never stop mixing it – I mean, is there a better way to enjoy it? I made this one about a week ago and after listening to it a couple of times I thought I would share it because every song on here deserves to be shared with appreciating ears. I truly hope you enjoy this mix. It is a product of love, devotion and adoration of a genre that has captured many of us. Listen – Relax – Love – Feel Free. Ciao!.

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Well Of Love (JazzySOUL Ambient Reprise Mix) Davidson Ospina Feat. MJ White
2 06:27 Call Me The Remixes (Kojo Akusa Sun Down Mix) Cei Bei
3 13:25 Into My Soul Aki Bergen Feat. Carmen Sherry
4 18:27 Adore (Rod Boyd Dub) CJay Swayne, Pryce Oliver
5 23:52 Held On To Me (Club Mix) Afronaut & AphroDisiax Feat. Sabrina Chyld
6 28:15 I Can't Get Enough (Harlum Remix) Daniel J. & DJ Jaz feat. Dahrio Wonder
7 36:15 Can't Be (Main Vocal Mix) Deepconsoul, Alpha & Olmega, Cosmiq
8 42:08 Cada Vez (Grant Nelson Vocal Mix) Negrocan
9 48:17 Make Me Over (Sole Essential BlaQvudoo Mix) Distant People Feat. Nicole Mitchell
10 55:42 True Love (Petalpusher Love Dub) Aquanote
11 61:18 Deep Down (Sean McCabe Main Mix) Robert Owens
Listen Now:

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RL72 - Black Sheep Sessions: ACT II (Lounge Mix)

• May 29th, 2014

"Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympethetic with the striving and tolerant with the weak and wrong. Sometime in your life, you will have been all of these."

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Underwater Love Smoke City
2 03:52 Hedonist (Wishing Stone Mix) Silur
3 07:13 Electra (Religion Cut) airstream
4 12:37 Time is the enemy Quantic
5 16:11 Lucsus Deep Dive Corp
6 22:11 Background Movement Mu-Bone
7 25:08 Fila Brasilia Septentrion
8 27:46 Funky Dory (Expander Mix) Elevation
9 31:10 Caliente T_Mo
10 34:07 Rambla Mescalito
11 40:07 The Urban Chill Zone DJ MNX
12 44:58 Alpen Rock Deeper Sublime, Eriq Johnson
13 48:24 Kenio Darshan
14 52:13 The Chase Smiler
15 55:26 We Be Wax Tailor Feat. Ursula Rucker
Listen Now:

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RL71 - Kinetic (Mid-Tempo Lounge Experience)

• May 16th, 2014

“Well, I always know what I want. And when you know what you want--you go toward it. Sometimes you go very fast, and sometimes only an inch a year. Perhaps you feel happier when you go fast. I don't know. I've forgotten the difference long ago, because it really doesn't matter, so long as you move.” ― Ayn Rand, We the Living

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Fire Walk With Me Synthpathic
2 03:12 Trash Blonde Lounge
3 05:09 A Lonely Place Bite My A
4 08:44 Couci Nari BadboE
5 12:49 Looking for the Light Karen Gibson Roc
6 16:57 Just Call Me Denis Melody
7 20:40 Sun Rays RhodeSensei
8 22:49 Horus Mani Rivera
9 29:13 Equinox Lazy Hammock, Ivan M-sax
10 35:37 Forever Walking Forever Walking
11 40:36 Laura Vfsix
12 45:13 The Caress and the Rose The Sura Quintet
13 49:45 Deep Dream Gaba Milani
14 54:01 Morning Darkness Don Gorda Project
15 58:38 For The People Pete Rock
Listen Now:

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The Philosophy of RC

• May 13th, 2014

In all my years of owning, operating and sometimes racing RC Cars, no question has been asked of me more often than “why do you do this?” The less-than-diplomatic version, and the one that is often found in the YouTube comment section of videos, is “why is a grown man playing with toy cars?” I will now attempt to provide a detailed answer and my hope is that it will provide a basis for understanding so that the next time that you, the non RC enthusiast, run across someone like me playing with “toy cars”, we can hopefully avoid our meeting being unpleasant …for me anyway.

Before launching into the article, let me start by acknowledging that not all RC enthusiasts feel like I do and play with these cars for the same reasons. While I am convinced that many enthusiasts are doing it for the same reasons but are unaware of why they do it, I do also acknowledge that many enthusiasts follow this hobby just for fun and thrills. Whether these people can last even 2 years in the Hobby before they are drawn to other Hobbies with bigger thrills and more fun is another question altogether. I do not speak for these people – I come from an altogether different angle. This article, therefore, is not the end-all and be-all of why people are into RC – it talks about a deeper side that can only be correctly  described by the title “The Philosophy of RC”.

To start, let us expand our horizons by looking at a bigger landscape rather than one little piece of land called “RC Cars”. Let us consider that RC Car enthusiasts are only normal people that have a hobby and that when it comes to hobbies, we have a rich and varied landscape i.e. there are lots of types of hobbies. So then the question becomes “why are people into Hobbies?” Now for me this is where Philosophy comes in because the question relates to Leisure. This is not a leap in Logic – it is a simple case of: The person asking this question is only asking it because they are ACTUALLY thinking “do you not have anything better to do?” and this, then, relates to Time and how it should best be spent. Now who could have any discussion around Time and how it should be spent without the question of Leisure coming up? Not a leap in Logic then …

Now the question of Leisure, or Time and how it should best be spent, has bothered the philosophical amongst us for centuries. I am not going to go into the History of Western Philosophy – the internet is full of research material for those who are interested. The important thing though, from my perspective, is that from a Platonic perspective, the really BIG question was “what does it mean to be REALLY free to do something?” I am saying this based on years of reading and studying ancient philosophy and I really am not going to go into a whole list of references. The important thing is that for me, the question “what does it mean to be REALLY free to do something?” represents the Spirit of the philosophy of ancient Greece. Now we must be careful when we answer this question because items like “shopping, visiting my friends, going to the movies” do not represent valid answers. If you are shopping – you are achieving some sort of purpose …fulfilling a need of some sort. If you are visiting friends, you are giving but are expecting to receive at some point. If you are going to the movies, you are involved in “passive Leisure” – a different discussion altogether. All these examples are definitely forms of leisure but they evoke a Platonic principle that many forget when discussing ancient Greek Philosophy and that is the Comparative aspect. By this I mean for Plato, for example, Leisure activities could be classified from “Bad” through to “Good” and then eventually through to “Best”. Between those three are a host of grades each of which forms a step in a ladder to “Best”. But what, I hear you wonder, was the best activity? Well, that depended, ofcourse, on the answer to the question “what does it mean to be REALLY free to do something?” and it was a question that the individual had to ask him or herself. In other words, the best answer that YOU can come up with, is your “Best” leisure activity. Of course, this would be a subjective judgement at best on your part, but when you start to feel the urge to answer the question objectively, you will quickly find that the real answer is decidedly Spiritual or Metaphysical in nature but this article, ofcourse, is not about that. It is about the individual – it is about me.

So, to summarise the Platonic position, although somewhat crudely and in blanket-fashion, leisure consists of time spent on activities that are self-contained in their worth. In other words, the activities done in “proper” leisure of themselves bring no financial reward, no social status, no fame or fortune and no favours from anyone. These activities are even better when they are not done in secret, but no one close to you even know how much you are into them simply because you are never caught giving unsolicited information about them. They are activities whose entire existence requires only the presence of One. This is why they represent Freedom because in doing them, we get no satisfaction other than what the activity gives. These are the Pure – the Best.

Now I will come back to the Platonic position in a minute but before I do, allow me to present another approach – this time from the Japanese. It is called Shokunin and the Artist and Master Tasio Odate, defined it thus:

“The Japanese word shokunin is defined by both Japanese and Japanese-English dictionaries as ‘craftsman’ or ‘artisan,’ but such a literal description does not fully express the deeper meaning. The Japanese apprentice is taught that shokunin means not only having technical skills, but also implies an attitude and social consciousness. … The shokunin has a social obligation to work his/her best for the general welfare of the people.  This obligation is both spiritual and material, in that no matter what it is, the shokunin’s responsibility is to fulfill the requirement.”

For me that is a great explanation but, with all due respect, if ever there was an example of how cold and dead words treat a subject, this is it. This is my feeling because Shokunin is actually the most beautiful and meaningful conception I have come across since ….well, since the Platonic ideas mentioned above! To me the two (Platonism and Shokunin) are related and in explaining why, I will finally get to the point of the article which was, if you remember, “Why are you into RC Cars?”:

I am into RC Cars because for me there is no better leisure activity. I cannot drive my RC Cars to go down to the shops and as shiny and “Bling” as some of them are, I will never get a date with a woman because of my RC Cars. They do not earn me any money and no one is attracted to me because of them. I cannot gain fame from them and I cannot get favours from those in power because of them. They will not feed my family and nor will they make sure that I live my retirement years out in luxury and comfort. None of these things do they provide and yet what they do provide is valuable beyond all these things. When I sit down in my study, and I am modifying or servicing, or am rebuilding either an entire car or just some aspect of it like the dampers, I am practising the esoteric acts of Shokunin from the East, and Platonic Contemplation from the West. At such times I am in the company of One – of myself. My thoughts are still and the only thing in existence is a bunch of tiny parts that of themselves are worthless but when combined, form an engineering marvel. Each of the parts is finely machined and crafted and performs a function that only it can perform perfectly. By tending to these tiny little parts and ensuring their perfection, I am ensuring the perfection of the whole. This is craftsmanship – it is the perfecting of the thing for the thing it was meant to do. In doing all this I am at home – I am happy – I am satisfied. Time is not a problem because every time I look at my watch, it is at least two later than it is supposed to be. Boredom is an impossibility.

And all I have described so far is the “wrenching” (as it is called) but then there is also the driving of these cars. Now, to explain the experience, I need to quickly reflect on the concept of “Contemplation”. For many people it consists of, effectively, pondering this or that issue or question. In the east it is seen as “meditation” – which in many cases consists of people completely stopping recognisable mental activity. Personally I am with the Platonists on this matter in believing that contemplation or even meditation should be active and never passive (for reasons which I will write about in another article). But, having said that, it does not mean that it is good to spend your contemplation time on pondering any old question. Contemplation was, and will always be “Best” when it relates to questions around serious and meaningful issues like “what does it mean to be REALLY free to do something?’. If it is not going to be concerned with contemplating subjects relating to Leisure, Virtue, The Meaning of the Good etc. then it should be engaging in a leisure activity and this, finally, brings me to my point: Driving my RC cars is a contemplative activity for me. While standing there on the drivers stand and concentrating on this tiny, bullet-like projectile flying around the track, you enter into a symbiotic relationship around which nothing exists but the present moment. Practitioners of the ancient art of Tai Chi tell us to concentrate HARD on every movement made with the body while practicing Tai Chi. They tell us that “focusing the mind solely on the movements of the form helps to bring about a state of mental calm and clarity”. RC Car “wrenching” gives me time to practice Shokunin but driving my RC cars provides a state of contemplation and meditation that “helps to bring about a state of mental calm and clarity”. This is my Life – This is my Hobby – This is the Philosophy of RC. 

You see, the problem with us is that we do not recognise the palpable benefit that philosophic practice can bring to daily life. We also do not seem to realise that REAL philosophic virtues, skills and/or talents can be learnt while doing activities we love – activities that ostensibly and inexplicably raise the question “why are you into that?” in the minds of others. So the next time you come across someone who is seemingly greatly concentrated on a task that you consider useless, consider that in front of you might be a real Philosopher.

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RH39 - After Hour House Moods (Chilled Funky House Mix)

• May 5th, 2014

My apologies for the delay in posting this mix. It was actually ready about a week ago but I have had a pretty disastrous week or so. I have been having a couple of personal issues and all I can wonder is how can things be so hard sometimes between people that love each other? I mean it boggles the mind really. But anyway, let me not air personal issues out here.

So the House music in here is of a different breed for the most part. Sure one or two tracks have a definite Deep House feel but it is that slow-ish tempo Deep House that so many of us grew to love in late 90s. You do not hear that much of it anymore since most Deep House DJ’s live firmly in the upwards of 127 BPM range …the party range! But this is not a party mix – it is an after party mix. It is about a group of people hanging out after an event and are now listening to the type of House that will let you down gently after an evening of fast tempo Deep grooves. But please do not get the impression that this is a slow mix – it most certainly is not at 120BPM. It is just at that right place where the listener decides whether to just relax and enjoy, or listen with the addition of gentle, slow and sexy body movements. And speaking of sexy, some of the songs here are distinctly so. I hope they strike you in a similar sort of way.

So, please enjoy …or try to anyway. I am not entirely sure what will be next but I do have quite a few choices. We can do that second part of the del Mar mix, some soulful house, or some chilled lounge flavours or go old-school lounge again. Then there is Deep House itself – I have not done a mix for a while and the collection is bursting for expression. I would also, at some point, like to do an up-tempo Soul mix or compilation which I can assure you will be epic. Uptempo soul and Disco have a similar sort of feel and you just know it all adds up to the same thing and that is FUNKY! I am looking forward to the next couple of months …it is going to be great and I hope you are here to enjoy it.


Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Room 193 The Foxtrot Effect
2 5:58 Perceptions Manfee M.K Clive
3 11:40 A Happy Day Club Camarillo
4 16:49 Happy Piano Baghira
5 22:58 Wendy Lost Track Info
6 26:24 Street Luv Fred Everything
7 32:26 Sa Trincha Feeling DJ Boost
8 38:18 Rising Sun Don Gorda Project
9 44:18 Siempre Arrojas
10 49:14 Out With Friends Cane Garden Quartet
11 54:18 Give Me Your Smile Miraflores
12 58:56 My Beach House Chris Coco
Listen Now:

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RL69 - Vintage Transglobal (Vintage Electro Lounge/Buddha Lounge/World Music Mix)

• April 16th, 2014

In the height of thy prosperity expect adversity, but fear it not. If it come not, thou art the more sweetly possessed of the happiness thou hast, and the more strongly confirmed. If it come, thou art the more gently dispossessed of the happiness thou hadst, and the more firmly prepared. -Quarles.

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Protection Massive Attack
2 4:35 Summer Memories Dab
3 9:17 Leftorium (Ambient Mix) Anil Chawla; Dale Anderson
4 16:26 Desire Blank & Jones
5 19:53 Nepalese Bliss (DJ Food Remake) Irresistiible Force
6 26:17 DeReye (Toires Frisco Mix) Irina Mikhailova/Todd
7 30:56 Khaleegi Stomp (Thievery Corporation Mix) Transglobal Underground
8 34:08 Indian Secret (Shankar Remix) Nitin Singh
9 37:31 One Love Dusk
10 40:52 You Are the Light Hawaba-A-Shikwa
11 45:43 Trade Winds (East Is East Mix) Chill Club
12 48:59 Ganges Marsicano
13 53:40 Pojo Pojo Opacic/Tesevic
14 57:48 Stop Passion
15 60:39 Wings of summer Adya
Listen Now:

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RH38 - Because Old School is Good School (Funky House Mix)

• April 7th, 2014

You see one of my problems is that I listen to a lot of music, and read a lot, and am in possession of a good memory. That is a bad combination if you are trying to remember a specific song or a specific quote. Sometimes you are not even sure which is which. I try to take notes but then you have to remember the location of a drop in a swimming pool. Most of the time I rumble through my stuff and find what I need but today I am not in the mood …sorry. I mention this because I want to share something whose source escapes me …but I am pretty sure it is a proverb of some sort.

It goes something like this: “A wise man who takes two steps forward always keeps one foot half a step behind – Because an old place should never be easily forsaken.”  - I love that! That is just wise and smart and sounds like it was said by one of those people that you just know you could never have a boring breakfast with. The music in this mix is definitely in the spirit of that proverb. It is not quite old in House terms and yet definitely not new …or anywhere near new. When you want to talk OLD and truly classic House, you would to go WAY back to the days of the, well, silky smooth Steve “Silk” Hurley. Anyone remember “Love Can’t Turn Around”? Aw man I really need to get my collection sorted. There is fire here!

My point is, this is a collection of semi-old House …it is “half a step behind”. Half a step, that is, in terms of Chronos and his time but when it comes to the “Funky” conversation, this music is right up there with the very best. I really hate to “go on” but, my friends, I beg you to sit back, chill, and be uplifted by the timeless “My Piece of Heaven”, the fiery and feisty “Show Me Love” by Robin S, and the MIGHTY “The Boss” by the Braxtons …amongst others. It really is a pretty sharp and focused collection of old school House.

Oh and this past week I have been on a Frankie Knuckles binge ...taking everything in from his music to news about him. Do you know there is a road in Chicago named after him? The man is a legend and I went ahead with another little tribute to him at the end of the mix. Please enjoy two of what I and many others consider his best best works.

There will be another volume of this particular mix (but without the Frankie Knuckles part obviously) but before that will come the “Spirit of del Mar 2.0” compilation. Speaking of compilations – I love mixing, I really do. Finding two tracks that you can bring together in that way …and doing so only with tracks that you love, well, it is a pleasure of the most unique kind. But mixing makes you a slave to the BPM monster and there are times when it is just tiring. Compilations provide some nice relief …and give a chance to present different types of music from the norm. I hope you do not mind but it is just the type of thing I need to keep my blog-post creating energies up …

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Chandteau Rouge Seven Dub
2 05:00 And That's Saying A Lot (Groove Armada 2nd Take) Natural Calamity
3 11:29 New York House United Sound Of America
4 15:29 My Piece of Heaven Ten City
5 22:12 Show Me Love (Kerri Chandler Mix) Robin S
6 27:57 In The Mood Mateo's Father
7 33:40 Just Us (Dance Remix) Vinyl Masters
8 37:34 Nitelife Kim English
9 44:04 I Can't Get No Sleep Masters at Work
10 48:02 The Boss The Braxtons
11 55:13 Tears (New Extended Mix) Frankie Knuckles
12 61:33 FACT TV Frankie Knuckles Interview Snippet Frankie Knuckles
13 61:58 It's Hard Sometimes Frankie Knuckles
Listen Now:

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RL68 - Iconic Soul Classics (Soul Compilation dedicated to “The Godfather of House”)

• April 1st, 2014

Yes, there is going to be a second release of Spirit of Del Mar (2.0). I was going to do that next week but then one of those reality shaking events took place very recently. Frankie Knuckles, aka “The Godfather of House”, has passed away. Words cannot express the dismay I felt when I heard about this. This man was one of a handful who were responsible for me falling in love with Soulful House. Who will ever forget “Tears”? Or “I know it’s hard sometimes”? Or “Keep on Moving”? Or the “Whistle Song”?? This is some tragic s*&t and I am truly shattered. My best wishes of strength and courage go out to all his loved ones. He is, was and will always be a House Master.

So instead of going ahead and whipping out a bunch of Frankie Knuckles House classics, I decided to instead do the Soul Music thing. It fits the current mood much more perfectly than Soulful House would. Besides, you must remember that Frankie Knuckles is from the very early days of house …back when it was still fighting off up-tempo Soul music like the up-tempo grooves from Kool and the Gang. So, celebrating the man using the very music that inspired him, while matching the somewhat somber mood caused by his sudden departure, is a move that makes sense to me.

Miguel de Cervantes, the famous writer of Don Quixote, is quoted as having said “All kinds of beauty do not inspire love: there is a kind of it which pleases only the sight, but does not captivate the affections.”. There is loads of House music out there and no doubt most of it is beautiful to listen to. It does not, however, “captivate the affections” for me on a level that people like Frankie Knuckles did. When you listen to the all-together EPIC “I Miss You” by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes in this compilation, I beg you to spare a thought and maybe even a little prayer for the departed House Master. RIP Frankie Knuckles. I think, just to drive his brilliance home, I will leave you with some lyrics from “I Know its Hard Sometimes”:

It ain't easy being you -- struggling every day, searching for the truth. I know it's hard sometimes trying to find a friend -- someone you can trust who will be there in the end. But you must keep on, keep on keeping on. And one day you'll find someone who will be kind. From that moment on, all things will be made new. All the love you give, it's gonna find it's way to you. I know it's hard sometimes. -Frankie Knuckles (The Godfather of House)

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 So in Love Curtis Mayfield
2 05:08 I Miss You Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
3 13:42 Lady Lionel Richie
4 17:22 One More Chance The Jacksons
5 22:21 Be Without You Mary J. Blige
6 26:21 A little bit more Melba Moore Feat. Freddie Jackson
7 31:07 No Ordinary Love Sade
8 38:15 911 Mary J. Blige with Wyclef Jean
9 42:28 Wherever I Lay My Hat Paul Young
10 46:31 My Love Is Waiting Marvin Gaye
11 51:33 Feel Like Makin' Love Roberta Flack
12 54:12 Juicy Fruit Mtume
13 57:59 Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holla) Marvin Gaye
14 60:58 Lovely Day Bill Withers
15 65:06 Ordinary People John Legend
Listen Now:

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RL67 - Spirit of Del Mar 1.0 (Old Skool Lounge Compilation)

• March 28th, 2014

I just wanted to do something different …or do things differently. I wanted the whole to evolve and be more than what it is. I also wanted a different name and wanted to find another home away from Podbean which I really do not think offers the value it used to. These days it is more difficult to get to the music, there is more downtime and some functionality does not work on certain devices …etc etc.

But then I heard from two people and decided maybe to make the changes right here and just go with the flow. Unfortunately that means some might not like things and I am really sorry about that …but honestly, I need this whole thing to be of greater value. But more about that later. This mix is about second chances and what better way to do that than to return to the epic beginnings of today’s heavily electrified Lounge scene? And when it comes to those beginnings, few can have greater claims than Café del Mar. I have done a little more though than to make this a Café del Mar compilation. Some tracks are not from the series – the compilation is a celebration of the spirit rather than the thing. If there is one thing that can greatly add value to any life, it is the appreciation of the spirit of a thing rather than the thing itself. This compilation attempts to do just that.

Please enjoy and you can be assured the music will keep coming. There might, however, be a little more writing too …

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Sunrise Afterlife
2 06:32 68 Moves Jules Evans/Ned Kelly/Professor Stretch
3 10:11 Amanecer en bolonia Rafa Gas & F3R Delgado Feat. Lucia Montoya
4 15:45 Seven Days of Bliss Seasons
5 19:51 Mumbai Theme Tune A.R. Rahman
6 24:58 Utopia (New Ears Mix) Goldfrapp
7 28:02 Any Other Name Thomas Newman
8 32:01 Smokebelch II (Beatless Mix) The Sabres of Paradise
9 36:16 Another Chance (Afterlife Remix) Roger Sanchez
10 41:43 Seven Cities (Ambient Dub) Solar Stone
11 49:32 Knifes at the Ready (Bluntz Mix) Snapper
12 53:31 Moments in Time Palo Moncada
13 56:31 Asian Beauty Chillmakers
14 60:18 The Child Ravi Shaza
Listen Now:

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RL66 - Adios Ayer (Lounge Mix)

• March 25th, 2014

Well after 4 years of the greatest fun I have ever had with music, it is the end of the road for The Funky Melting Pot. From the first days when I got into mixing back in University it was always about 1 thing – The Music. I refused to be a club DJ, a mobile DJ or to have playlists forced upon me at Radio channels. I approached this from the purest possible perspective. I have never promoted myself and nor have I EVER asked anyone to visit my blog and listen to my mixes. Not a single email was sent soliciting anyone and nor was there an FB Page through which I posted hundreds of posts about new mixes …or music I am listening to …or self-promoting thoughts of any sort.

Ofcourse, the approach got the results it deserved – I have run the blog for about 4 years and have a measly number of followers/hits. In cricketing terms I am that irritating middle order batsman that walks in and digs in. 50 runs from 500 balls! That is me and no I do not have any regrests. This blog has cost me a lot of money – Podbean is definitely not cheap especially for the top-of-the-line package I chose. How I justified this spend to myself all these years I will never know. All I know is that when I step into my car, I switch on and immediately have access to fine music presented through “clean” mixes …with often times brilliant transitions between tracks. It is during these moments or moments when I am travelling and have my headsets on that it all makes sense.. People, some things return more value to us than any amount of profit or personal physical gain can ever make up. When I die it will be the mixing and the listening that I will remember.

Lounge music is magnificent people and it honestly deserves a lot more attention than it is getting. I hope you will continue listening to other blogs and oh yes, will you please try to support the people doing this? In many cases the people doing these mixes, like me, gain NOTHING from it apart from the pleasure of working with music, improving skills and sharing mixes. It really will not hurt you or them to, once in a blue moon, say thanks …or at least provide some feedback. I would never wish the dead silence on this blog on anyone and I beg you to consider this when listening/downloading other people’s blood, sweat and tears.

As for me I have a pretty strong character and a pretty hefty amount of determination. In the 4 years I have been doing this I have only ever heard from 4 people. All, luckily, were very positive but, having said that, nothing could have discouraged me from doing what I felt I needed to do as part of a greater character building exercise. I am truly grateful for the experience – the man I am today is nowhere near the one I was just 4 years ago. I will now take this energy and apply it elsewhere …with an even greater amount of success I hope.

Dudes – life is short and time is valuable. Awareness is critical otherwise in a few years you will be one of those saying “it went by so fast!”. Whenever I hear people say that I wonder “compared to what”? Could anything be as slow as the rolling seconds of a day?? And yet we hear that “it goes by so fast” thing all the time. Be aware. Make positive use of your time. Thank you for listening to my mixes. I am forever grateful.

To "The Funky Melting Pot" itself, all I can say is “Adios Ayer” (Goodbye Yesterday). Cheers and stay safe!

PS: The cover picture for this mix really does nail it. It was, is and will always be about the music!!

Listen Now:

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