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This weblog is about funky music delivered as DJ Mixes. We cover mostly Lounge/Chillout but try to keep things as diverse as possible.

RL126 - Transglobal Vintage Lounge (Lounge Mix)

April 25th, 2017

One cannot imagine what the Spirit of Life found on the day Life first manifested on earth. The place was an unwelcoming ball of molten lava. “Supervolcanos” – a phenomena that makes a normal volcano look like a school project – were common and the atmosphere was not life-friendly. Later on, Earth would become what they call a “Snowball Earth” – a state that goes way beyond a “normal” Ice Age. Massive glaciers stretched all the way to the equator. Conditions for life were hostile to say the least and yet tiny organisms in the form of Eukaryotes continued to not only survive but to evolve too. Francis Macdonald, a geologist at Harvard University, remarked, based on all this, that “From an evolutionary perspective, it’s not always a bad thing for life on Earth to face severe stress.”

Well the same can be said of us as individuals. People who survive and learn to handle the stresses of life gain strength, courage, wisdom and that spirit of perseverance that only hardship can bring. Looked at this way, it becomes clear that the best things are “forged through fire and ice”. I hope, as you go through your particular “fire and ice”, that you will take hope not just from the Superhero Eukaryotes, but from the very Spirit of Life that coursed through their veins and now courses through yours. Chased in the sea, it evolved on land. Chased by molten lava and glaciers, it evolved in the air. Chased in the air by the sun’s rays and natural nuclear reactors like those found in Gabon, it mutated, coped and evolved ever onwards. At every step it has met every challenge with just the right answer. To be unhappy about a traffic jam, or by a passing remark from someone, or a bad day at work, is an insult to this Life that flows through you. The least we can do, is hold up our end. It has already dealt with the epic disasters – now it’s your turn to deal with the petty annoyances in your life! Not even this all-conquering Spirit of Life can do that for you. Cheers and enjoy!

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Save A Little Prayer Steen Thottrup feat. Annette Berg
2 06:33 Time is the Enemy Quantic
3 09:44 Protection Massive Attack
4 14:13 Moon Tales Darmhein Lounge
5 18:19 Nepalese Bliss (DJ Food Remake) Irresistiible Force
6 24:41 Desire Blank & Jones
7 28:31 Summer Memories Dab
8 33:12 DeReye (Toires Frisco Mix) Irina Mikhailova/Todd
9 37:53 Hotspots Top Five
10 42:02 Mantra ProleteR
11 44:26 The Urban Chill Zone DJ MNX
12 48:44 Rithma Roke
13 52:33 Street Karma The Herbaliser
14 56:24 Vision Of Mahakala Sina Vodjani



RP8 - Cinematic Moves (Dance Movie Soundtrack Compilation by Penelope)

April 20th, 2017

In Penelope’s own words: Dancing is a magical expression of the soul. Our bodies flow into one as we feel the music vibrating within us. Dancing and music are nourishment for our souls so feel, dance, sing and feel free. As Martha Graham said, “dance is the hidden language of the soul”.

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Love Is Strange (Dirty Dancing) Mickey & Sylvia
2 02:51 Stay (Dirty Dancing) Dirty Dancing
3 04:23 Satellite (Havana Nights) Santana (feat. Jorge Moreno)
4 08:38 Stayin Alive (SNF) Bee Gees
5 13:17 Far From Over (Staying Alive) Frank Stallone
6 16:40 Footloose (Footloose) Kenny Loggins
7 20:25 How Deep Is Your Love (SNF) Bee Gees
8 24:24 The time of my life (Dirty Dancing) Dirty Dancing
9 29:01 Hungry eyes (Dirty Dancing) Dirty Dancing
10 33:01 Hopelessly Devoted To You (Grease) Olivia Newton John
11 35:59 You Should Be Dancing (SNF) Bee Gees
12 40:39 Love Is In The Air (Strictly Ballroom) John Paul Young
13 43:58 Summer Nights (Grease) John Travolta & Olivia Newton
14 47:31 What a Feeling (Flashdance) Irene Cara
15 51:14 Fame (Fame) Irene Cara
16 54:55 Hey baby (Dirty Dancing) Bruce Channel
17 57:13 Girls Just Want To Have Fun Alex Brown
18 01:00:43 Maniac (Flashdance) Michael Sembello



RH74 - Keeping Jazzy House Alive (Jazzy House Boogie-Down Session)

April 12th, 2017

Because you think of yourself as no more than a single thread in the robe, whose duty it is to conform to the mass of people – just as a single white thread seemingly has no wish to clash with the remainder of the garment. But I aspire to be the purple stripe, that is, the garment’s brilliant hem. However small a part it may be, it can still manage to make the garment as a whole attractive. Don’t tell me, then, ‘Be like the rest,’ because in that case I cannot be the purple stripe. -Epictetus

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Sunday Brunch Honung
2 03:54 Meu Universo Da Felicidade Rey Salinero
3 08:43 El Pampero Club Camarillo Feat. Dj Riquo
4 14:03 Horizons Of Hope DJ Atomic Feat. Deep Sea Diver
5 18:19 Grand Piano D' Flower & Dolls Combers
6 24:26 Piano Madness J.Axel
7 28:10 Strollin' the Hood Harley&Muscle, Roberto Cacciapaglia
8 33:41 iCulture (Main Mix) Richard Earnshaw
9 39:11 Summer Love (Pastor Bobby's Mix) Deep House Souldiers
10 44:55 Soft Light [Club Dub] Aquarius
11 47:46 I Dream A World (Louie Vega Instrumental Mix) Elements Of Life, Josh Milan, Louie Vega
12 56:00 Milk and Honey Harley&Muscle



RH73 - Sensuous Charm (Deep House Mix)

April 7th, 2017

The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four people is suffering from a mental illness. Look at your 3 best friends. If they're ok, then it's you.  
-Rita Mae Brown

"Your friend's poetry is terrible," he said. Clary blinked, caught momentarily off guard. "What?" "I said his poetry was terrible. It sounds like he ate a dictionary and started vomiting up words at random.”
-Cassandra Clare

Oh, we're playing nice now? Shall we have tea first? Brew up a nice pot of kiss-my-ass?
-Julie Kagawa

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 To Be Different Sub Made
2 03:56 Cloud Forrest Alex Agore
3 11:47 Your Choice Andre Lodemann
4 18:31 The Symbols Basicmethods
5 22:34 Sheiker Track Info Lost
6 28:07 Stonedrum Ribn
7 32:17 Real Love Sello
8 40:22 Heart Opacity Addex
9 45:56 Kiss And Tell Audiofly
10 52:36 So Right Jozified Manik
11 57:34 With River at the Lounge Hubert Clarke Jr

RL125 - urban freeflow (Lounge Mix)

April 5th, 2017

I remember once pointing out that at the Funky Melting Pot, we appreciate variety because at its root is a common foundation that speaks to our own souls.  Music holds up a mirror to us and lets us look at ourselves in our infinite variety and complexity. One song takes you to the cities of Europe and the next to the beaches of South America and then on to the café society of Ibiza. It is a mental trip and all from your couch. “The idea that seeing life means going from place to place and doing a great variety of obvious things is an illusion natural to dull minds.” -Charles Horton Cooley

So what if you took a variety of music and set about cramming it into 60 minutes. What approach could you take? Paulo Coelho tells us “First develop a strategy that utilizes everything around you. The best way to prepare for a challenge is to cultivate the ability to call on an infinite variety of responses.” This mix is a result of an approach that includes a song purely because it is the best response to the flow of the previous track. This does not result in that sameness you often find in some House Mixes – indeed, it often results in opposites meeting through the medium of a smoothly integrated transition. And the transitions are at the very center of integration in this mix. I was telling a friend that it is like butter on toast – you can never really identify where the two meet. There is integration and Unity in the middle – the many resolve in the one.

This is the kind of mix I love. The only thing that could make it better is integration of Hip-Hop elements – always a good fit in these scenarios. But there is time – cross genre mixing is about to be a thing around here. Enjoy this latest example of it. We will be back with Deep House on the weekend and more Soundtracks midweek next week. Cheers.

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Breathe Télépopmusik
2 03:26 9PM (Till I Come) [Afterlife Mix] ATB
3 08:33 Air we breathe Figurines
4 17:06 Three Drives (moonwatcher's sea of tranquility remix) Greece 2000
5 23:11 Sun Splash (Buddha Groove Mix) Mister Irie
6 26:45 Past Sub Sub
7 29:25 Made 4 U 2-Man Legends
8 34:09 Notabossa The Funky Lowlives
9 39:21 Fragment Four... Love Won't Leave Me Alone Jean-Luc Ponty
10 46:24 Gypsy Lovers (Lovers Mix) Mania
11 52:19 De-tuned Addiction Organlanguage
12 57:29 Peculiar beach Voodoo & Serano



RL124 - A Cooling Breeze (Lounge Mix)

April 1st, 2017

By laying hold on the forces of the Universe, you are strong with them. And when you realize this, all else is easy, for in your arteries will course red corpuscles, and in your heart the determined resolution is born to do and to be. Carry your chin in and the crown of your head high. We are gods in the chrysalis! -Hubbard

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Breather 2000 Afterlife
2 05:49 Latin Chill Audio Shaman
3 10:12 Maha Samable (Reflective Mix) Goa Dreams
4 14:20 Feel The Light Clelia Felix
5 18:16 Blues 12 The Psychedelic Squirrel
6 23:01 Colors Andre Zimma Feat. Amraah8
7 26:52 Behind The Mirror Francesco Demegni
8 30:14 Heartbeat TerraHill
9 33:23 All Is Not Lost STP Feat. CIN
10 38:19 Summer Breeze Corporal Identity
11 41:41 Basics (Alister Johnson Remix) Colm K.
12 45:25 To All Of You Rjd2
13 49:08 Bang Bang (Lazy Hammock Chillout Mix) The Diventa Project
14 53:49 Crazy Baby Akasha
15 57:54 Orange Blue (White City) Enigmatic

RL123 - Moving Soundtracks (Movie Soundtracks Compiled by Penelope)

March 29th, 2017

A big thanks to my friend Penelope for putting this compilation together. She is very passionate about movies with depth and meaning and has chosen a collection of tracks that are as beautiful as they are epic in scope, and grand in vision and reach. In her own words:

Just like we can hear our own heartbeat in the nothingness of silence, so can our soul feel the harmony and depths of music. Music vibrates in the very essence of who we are and it is always a song that only hearts can sing. As Rumi said, “When I am silent I fall into the place where everything is music.".

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Aniron Enya
2 02:58 Sacrifice Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke
3 10:25 Legends of the Fall: The Ludlows Steven Bear
4 16:00 May It Be Enya
5 19:32 Adiemus Adiemus
6 23:23 Gortoz a Ran Denez Prigent
7 29:09 Welcome to Persia Stuart Chatwood
8 30:06 Creation Choral Global Stage Orchestra
9 35:27 A Gift of a Thistle London Symphony Orchestra & James Horner
10 40:36 I Will Find You Clannad
11 44:44 The Last Goodbye Billy Boyd
12 46:47 Resurrection John Debney, Ron Allen, Chris Bleth, Nick Ingman & His Orchestra, Mel Gibson, Ahmed El-Eshmer, Shankar, Gingger, Shannon Kingsbury, Aaron Martin, Tanya Tsarouska, Nick Ingman, Terry Edwards, The Transylvania State Philharmonic Choir, London Voices, Orchestra
13 49:37 Gabriel's Oboe Ennio Morricone
14 52:11 End Credits Joel Goldsmith
15 54:13 Journey Through the Portal Audiomachine
16 56:49 Atmospheres The Dunes
17 01:00:41 Time Only Knows Stuart Chatwood



RH72 - Spellbound (Soulful House Mix)

March 26th, 2017

We only have a set amount of time on this earth – no more, no less. What makes it chilling is how easily we can be done away with. It is, to use a word a friend used recently, perturbing. And the ways and methods by which such a doing away can happen, are legion. It is absolutely shocking how many things, events and psychos can extinguish life.

Therefore, every second counts in thought, decision and act. Being at the happiest we can be at each moment is not just some Philosophical conjecture, it is Wisdom at its most exquisite. It is not a question of waiting for this, that thing, or that person which or who we think will bring happiness or at least inner peace. It is a question of starting right where you are NOW regardless of circumstance. The Mind is the tool you need and it has not, in reality, been diminished in power one bit by any negative circumstance. It is not an easy task to mentally be above circumstance but all things of worth are not. Every art needs practice, every skill needs polishing – this is no exception. Just remember that old piece of Wisdom: Failure is another step to Success.

It is a long and hard journey but thankfully there are joyous things in this world which can assist in changing mental processes for the better. Soulful House, for me, is one of those. Listen to those soft harmonics, let that groove penetrate your being, let those melodies move you. See how you feel after. We may not be able to achieve bliss, but some level of inner-peace is always within reach and a little is always better than nothing both for Body and Soul.

Up next is a rather unusual one episode. Since the beginning of the Podcast every episode has been compiled and mixed by yours truly. This is about to change – we are going to have a guest compiler! Its going to be different from anything you have heard here so far. It comes out on Tuesday or Wednesday. If you love your movies, check it out. Laters!

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Girl Tojami Sessions
2 06:24 Just Vibing ( Until The Sun Comes Up ) (Sophisticado Sunrise Vocal Mix) Vick Lavender
3 15:44 Miracle Tojami Sessions Feat. Matthew Tasa, Tojami Sessions, Matthew Tasa
4 19:28 Away (Da Sunlounge Remix) Jazzy Eyewear, Da Sunlounge
5 25:09 Brighter Day Horixon, Robert Owens
6 31:03 The Tea (Reel People Rework) Choklate
7 35:44 Love Don't Live Here Anymore Layla Jayne, N'dinga Gaba
8 43:20 Holding On Ross Couch
9 49:24 Butterfly (Phil Asher's restless soul Vocal Mix) Osunlade, Phil Asher
10 56:57 Let's Go Arco




RP7 - The Age of Radio: The 1960s (Pop Compilation)

March 23rd, 2017

Come along as we take you through the start of the Golden Age of Radio. We begin the series in the 60s where Rock and Soul ruled the airwaves. There are one or two tracks which, perhaps, were not hits at the time, but have certainly stood up well to the test of time. A special thanks to my two sons who, while travelling in the car the other day, asked, “what was radio like in those days?”. Well, I was not alive in the 60s but having then gotten the idea of doing this series, I just felt that all this fine music could not be left out. There are LOTS of highlights here. This one is perfect for just playing away in the background while at work or on the car stereo. It makes an excellent companion with its mostly upbeat, happy and pleasant-to-the-ear sounds. Apologies if you are not into this kind of thing but a House mix will be coming up soon. For those who appreciate the value of good music that stands the test of time, this will be a treat. Enjoy!

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) The Tokens
2 02:40 Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) The Temptations
3 06:19 Everybody's Talkin' [From Midnight Cowboy] Harry Nilsson
4 09:58 Elusive Butterfly Bob Lind
5 11:45 Walkin Back to Happiness Helen Shapiro
6 14:11 Weekend Eddie Cochran
7 15:54 Rockin' Robin Michael Jackson
8 18:22 Toy Ballons Track Info Lost
9 20:28 Donna the Prima Donna Dion
10 23:15 Georgi Girl Seekers
11 25:33 Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) The Delfonics
12 28:44 I'd Rather Go Blind Chicken Shack
13 31:56 I'm Telling You Now Freddie & The Dreamers
14 33:56 James Bond Theme John Barry
15 36:42 He's So Fine Chiffons
16 38:33 Hippy Hippy Shake The Swinging Blue Jeans
17 40:15 Good Vibrations Beach Boys
18 42:49 Hold on to My Baby The Cavaliers
19 46:14 Batman Theme Neal Hefti
20 48:32 Runaround Sue Dion
21 51:04 Let's Have a Party Wanda Jackson
22 53:06 The Magnificent Seven Track Info Lost
23 55:01 Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down Track Info Lost
24 57:42 Black Velvet Band The Dubliners




RL122 - Enya Meets Ambient Lounge (Ambient Chillout Compilation)

March 21st, 2017

Those who are skilled in archery bend their bow only when they are prepared to use it; when they do not require it they allow it to remain unbent, for otherwise it would be unserviceable when the time for using it arrived. So it is with man. If he were to devote himself unceasingly to a dull round of business, without breaking the monotony by cheerful amusements, he would fall imperceptibly into idiocy, or be struck with paralysis. -Herodotus

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Angeles Enya
2 03:55 Rain & Forest Echo-ES
3 09:39 The Memory of Trees Enya
4 13:52 Paese Che Sogna Corrado Saija
5 20:28 Smaointe Enya
6 26:21 Annon Edhellen Syllix
7 31:35 No Holly for Miss Quinn Enya
8 34:14 Au Parc Akmusique
9 38:07 Deora ar mo Chroi Enya
10 40:47 Angels with You (Full Meditation Trip) In Credo
11 48:05 Paint the Sky with Stars Enya
12 52:14 Morning Breath Kaxamalka
13 57:51 Watermark Enya
14 01:00:11 Nautica (Ambient Mix) Dreamscape