RH45 - Inner City Deep (Deep House Mix)

• October 22nd, 2014

Sorry, but after being forced once again to explain how it works to some people, let me clarify how I work when it comes to these mixes. Basically I will often go out and buy a bunch of music. Sometime later I will classify all the tracks into various categories based on genre and/or sound. The tracks coming in are always new but they get put in the same folders/crates/stands with tracks I may have bought months ago but have not included in any mix yet. As a result of this, my mixes will nearly always include both old and new music. Personally this does not bother me much because the familiarity of the known will always make the new so much more palatable and acceptable ..at least to me.

So let me apologise if you are one of those people who believe in only having the latest thing. That is simply not how I function and there is not much I can do except hope that I include enough new music to keep you satisfied …ish. Music for me is exempt from any rules governed by time. It is all about feel. I was reading this poem the other day called “Tintern Abbey” where the writer described almost exactly what I feel when I listen to music:

“And I have felt
A presence that disturbs me with the joy
Of elevated thoughts; a sense sublime
Of something far more deeply interfused,
Whose dwelling is the light of setting suns,
And the round ocean, and the living air,
And the blue sky, and in the mind of man:
A motion and a spirit, that impels
All thinking things, all objects of all thought,
And rolls through all things.

I will be taking some time off to revamp my little home/bedroom studio. I use a DVS (Digital Vinyl System) and there is every indication that my mixer is on its way out. It needs to be replaced and I would also like to get one or two effects units and a sample controller or MIDI keyboard. I also need to clean up the place ..it is now quite cluttered with RC stuff, magazines and so on. My turntables could also do with some maintenance and maybe new needles. This will be my first break down of the place and those damn Digital Vinyl Systems are notoriously finicky to put together. I could upgrade to digital controllers and abandon my Stanton Turntables but I now have a real sentimental attachment to them …regardless of the fact that I use them mostly as controllers. Maybe I am crazy but the feel of spinning the record faster/slower in order to beat match still beats pressing buttons for me …regardless of the fact that both Digital Vinyl and Fully Digital Systems control an MP3 or WAV file at the end of the day. But the Digital Vinyl System does have an advantage and that is that you can always bring along your analogue records with your MP3 files ...which is always handy when you want to drop that 70s Soul Classic that you have never been able to find on Disc. You cannot do that with a Digital only system.

Anyway, I hope I will be able to put everything together before the cows come home lol. Enjoy and thank you for your support.

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Diamonds Pablo Bolivar
2 05:36 Satellites Motor City Drum Ensemble
3 11:21 Turning Matin
4 17:55 Put Off Marlow Feat. Comixxx And Knixx
5 23:20 Highlight My Life (BitterSuite Remix) Ladybird
6 30:07 Keep Moving Pablo Bolivar
7 35:13 Kuroi Anton Lanski
8 40:36 Happy Ferry Ultra Feat. Gwen McCrae
9 48:40 Smoke Mode Pablo Bolivar
10 53:46 Togetherness Beppe Gioia & Thomas Toccafondi
Listen Now:

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RH44 - Chillhouse Cruise Sessions (Chillhouse Mix)

• October 15th, 2014

One of my joys in life is ChillHouse. Nobody knows what it is and, to be honest, I could not tell you either. All I know is that when I hear it I know what it is because nothing else sounds like it. The first track in this mix, “El Musica”, is probably not the best example but from Track 2 onwards you get to experience the best of Chillhouse over the last ten years or so. Chillhouse defies easy categorisation simply because it is Lounge music in Dance form. Listen to any of the tracks and mentally slow things down by about 20 beats per minute and Voila! – You have Lounge music. This is why it is great for chilling or listening to through a pair of good headsets.

But for me there is another pleasure: I am lucky to also own a pristine VW Beetle from the 70s and if there is one thing you quickly learn about those cars it is that they are fun but slow – terminally slow. It is something that takes some getting used to in this day and age when people seem to only want to travel at the National Speed Limit and not under it. But I tend to use the car only during off-peak times and I am used to the slow place now. I have also, in the process, come to learn something: Old and slow cars ARE GREAT for cruising along listening to Chillhouse (or whatever music) while bopping your head around occasionally like one of those dashboard baseball figures. I mean what else are you going to do? Wish it to go faster? You might as well sit back, Chill and listen to some fine ChillHouse. Often on Public Holidays I grab my old fashioned hat, whip out my phone and headsets and off I will head in my Bug …at wayyyy under the speed limit. The music is on the phone because the car does not have a stereo ..or radio and I am not about to ruin it by installing anything. Silence is too underrated!

So this mix is for cruising …whether driving or just travelling. It is mind House music and works best when you let the songs work their magic on you. Some are repetitive but as any self-respecting Shaman will tell you – this is when the music works best on the Mind. Enjoy!

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 El Musica (Filho de Moueta Mix) KB
2 08:08 The Fragrance of Life Blue Wave
3 12:40 Beloved Images Christos Fourkis
4 19:52 Lay It On The Line (Fred Everything's Lazy Vox Mix) Guests Of Nature, Black Lodge
5 24:24 Rising Sun Don Gorda Project
6 30:00 El Capricho Baghira
7 34:16 Through Your Eyes Hornbostel & Donner
8 39:04 Get It On PNFA
9 44:08 Fantasia Aquarius
10 49:04 Time Stands Still Enrico Donner, Theresa Thomaso
11 53:12 Para Mi Churri Deep F.M.
12 58:48 Cindy The V.I.P.
Listen Now:

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RL76 - Sunbeam Lounging (Up-Tempo Funky Lounge Mix)

• October 2nd, 2014


Piping down the valleys wild,
Piping songs of pleasant glee,
On a cloud I saw a child,
And he laughing said to me:

"Pipe a song about a Lamb!"
So I piped with merry cheer.
"Piper, pipe that song again;"
So I piped: he wept to hear.

"Drop thy pipe, thy happy pipe;
Sing thy songs of happy cheer:!"
So I sang the same again,
While he wept with joy to hear.

"Piper, sit thee down and write
In a book, that all may read."
So he vanish'd from my sight;
And I pluck'd a hollow reed,

And I made a rural pen,
And I stain'd the water clear,
And I wrote my happy songs
Every child may joy to hear.

William Blake ("Songs of Innocence and of Experience and The Book of Thel")

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Breathe Me In Lady Cherelle
2 03:58 Triangle DJ Stella
3 07:30 Together (Lounge Guitar Mix) Dee C'rell, Richelle Claiborne
4 12:40 Look At Me Again Monodeluxe Feat. Paola
5 19:10 CafaInternational (Seven Sences) Johannes Huppertz
6 23:01 Le Reve Akmusique
7 27:21 Promenade Paris Circles & Spirales
8 32:23 La Route Enigmatic
9 35:53 Face The Funk, Face The Fact Glam Sam And His Combo
10 39:38 The Lounge Again Dario J
11 43:17 Hear Me Sofa Junkiez
12 50:18 Take Your Time (Main Mix) Ladies Of The Deep feat. Soul Sista Shakti
13 54:46 Salamandra Marcel
14 58:06 Duck Sauce Euphonic 7
Listen Now:

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RH43 - After-Tears (Soulful House Mix - Mostly Vocal)

• September 18th, 2014

There was a fascinating story doing the rounds at Alfa Romeo meets involving Giuseppe Busso, a brilliant senior engineer at Alfa Romeo back in the day. He was given the thoroughly serious job of designing the Alfettas’ suspension. The instruction issued was for him to design three options for the car. The first was a cheap option, the second was a “middle of the road” option between all-out performance and comfort, and the third was a “no expense spared” option. When he got done and went to present these options to his seniors, they then had to choose which option the car would be produced with. Amazingly, they chose Option 3 – the “no expense spared” option. Such a decision is mind-boggling in an age where the mantra is “keep production costs low” and it also goes a long way towards explaining why Alfa Romeo was, relatively soon after all this, consumed by the juggernaut that is Fiat.

And that, friends, is what happens when a company makes decisions based on passion and quality at the expense of keeping costs low, i.e. they crash and burn! I imagine many Soulful House musicians are in a similar sort of situation. They choose to make what they consider to be quality dance music despite the fact that there are many other genres that are much bigger than Soulful House but are of, errm, "dubious" quality. I mean holy s&*t, imagine if we lost "Fish Go Deep" to Dubstep! Or "Leanne" to modern bratty teen R&B! Oh the humanity! Honestly, if I could, I would send all these guys AND old Giuseppe Busso a “Thank You – You Are Awesome” card. Their sacrifice is our gain and in the same way I will always love the old Alfa Romeo, I will also always support Soulful House.

Before I sign off, here is a hot tip: Tracks number 2 (“Let’s Go Back”) and 3 (“Mr. Weather Man”). You can thank me in the next life. Cheers and please enjoy responsibly ...lol ...

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Coracao Em Ebulicao (Original Mix) AM ROOTs Feat. Sonia Miranda
2 03:58 Let's Go Back Fish Go Deep & Rebecca Meagher
3 09:38 Mr. Weather Man Leanne
4 15:11 Let It Go Cosa Nostra, Miss MIC
5 20:12 Pure Bliss KqueSol
6 26:17 Dirty Love (Aki Bergen & Daniel Jaze Soulvision Remix) Sunshine Jones
7 33:08 Keep Smilin' (daOldSh.. Mix) TogetherBro, Anthony Poteat
8 37:00 Late Discovery Georg Levin
9 42:06 Feels Like Home MdCL feat. Ovasoul7
10 47:23 This Is Amazing (Raf n Soul One Night at PNL Mix) Raf N Soul feat.Charles McDougald
11 53:47 Ochosi Sunlightsquare
Listen Now:

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RL75 - Working Fiction (Atmospheric Lounge Compilation)

• September 7th, 2014

The other day I saw this documentary about the legendary Heavyweight Boxing Champion Joe Frazier. I love documentaries and this one was spellbinding. Born to a family of sharecroppers this man went on to participate in what they called “The Fight of the Century” against Mohammed Ali. It was great television and was the kind of stuff that always makes me look in wonder when people make blanket statements like “all TV is crap these days”. Well I recommend documentaries …and sports …lots of sports!

Anyway, Joe Frazier and the documentary came to mind because of something he said. It was related to boxing, of course, but you do not need to have even two brain cells to rub together in order to feel the deeper side of his comment. He said “everyone has a plan until someone punches them in the face”. Well up until Thursday last week I was going along merrily achieving the things I have planned when I was told my grandmother has passed away. That is when Joe Frazier and his comment came to mind. A punch!

I will not go into personal details but I will mention that the selected tracks are intended to soothe the mind …while respecting the feelings of mourning. We often try to run from negative feelings by listening to upbeat music but I am a firm believer in letting the mind experience what life brings. Escape is useless. You learn nothing and only set yourself up for the next hit. A great writer once said “let life work on you” – I believe in that.

This collection of Ambient and Semi-Ambient songs are intended for those in a similar situation to my own ...and those who enjoy this kind of music regardless. It is a collection of songs designed to inspire reflection, meditation, silence …and personal peace. The reason why it is called "Working Fiction" is because a wise person once said "Life is like a working fiction of the Universe". It has meaning to me but you make of it as you will.

If you have lost someone recently, my deepest condolences. I hope you become stronger and wiser and that Time proves to be the medicine you need. I know it is what I need. Cheers.

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Formentera Sunset Massivan
2 04:19 Le Jardin Secret L' Art Mystique
3 08:56 Skyline Elmara
4 11:45 Green Hills Wildlife
5 15:44 Croisette (Acoustique Parfum Remix) Jerome Noak feat. Jenni Wiegand
6 19:08 Refloat (Beatless Mix) Subsonic Park
7 26:03 Cymatic Lab The Disclosure Project
8 33:24 Sagariha Worldbeat Corp.
9 37:57 My Dream Marga Sol
10 42:59 Outbreak In Long Island Arrojas
11 48:38 Velvet Lounge (String Mix) Sleeptalker
12 52:28 You Are The Light Christian Hornbostel
13 57:40 Distant Shore Alexandra Hampton
Listen Now:

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RL74 - A Variety Of Species (Laidback Lounge Mix)

• September 1st, 2014

Plotinus, this ancient philosopher, once said the words “the flight of the alone to the alone”. I took it out of context because at the time I was studying another philosopher and he was the one that quoted Plotinus. Those words bugged me immediately because I had no idea what they meant. I understood the words but not the entire meaning. So off I went and took up Plotinus. To be honest, I was kind of disappointed that he had metaphysical ideas in mind. I mean don’t get me wrong …they are important in the context he meant them but at the time I was searching for practical ideas. So I let the whole thing go.

But ideas, when they are truly embraced in the mind, and are left alone to make for themselves a home there, soon morph and transform and become your own. I say this because years later I have found that this “flight of the alone to the alone” thing is something I practically experience every Sunday but on a level that is far removed from the metaphycal ideals of that ancient philosopher. It is done by doing at least one thing you love by yourself with no phones and emails to intrude. Personally I have several things I have as hobbies. I maintain a growing car collection and come Sunday I will clean at least 2 cars and maybe do some basic mechanical maintenance. Then there are my RC cars …or my books, or of course, my music! All of this becomes “the flight of the alone to the alone” because every day, at every moment, we are actually alone but are alone in the company of others. There is no one else in your skin, in your space. One of the GREAT scientific laws is that no two bodies can occupy the same space. You are alone. Science says it, religion says it and reason agrees. But we all know that you cannot really be alone in the company of others and so on Sundays, or any other chosen day, you can choose to engage in an activity that brings your aloneness to a practical level by being physically and scientifically alone. When you do it, you achieve the “flight of the alone to the alone” …geddit? 😊

Oh and speaking of Sundays, I did some work in Dubai once and there their Sunday is actually on Friday. In the words of that great evil cat in the animated movie Bolt, “at first I was like ‘WHAT?’ and then I was like ‘HUH?’" and then I just sort of chilled and stopped giving a damn. It is amazing how quickly your mind and body can adjust to such a huge change as long as the words “it is your time to do with as you want” come out of someone’s mouth. Hey I am not even Moslem (I am Christian) but I got so chilled, and so relaxed on this one Friday that I actually said WTF and ended up going to Mosque! Some dude was so stunned when I told him that when I visit someone, I like to eat at the table with the whole family, that he gave me his gold Koran as a gift LOL! See what happens when you allow yourself to chill and not give a f%^k?

Anyway yesterday afternoon my “flight” was to my bedroom studio and there I decided to let the spirit flow “whence it will”. The result is this stunning collection of chilled out bliss. Peeps, never underestimate the “BOOM Factor” that comes with chilling to these kinds of beats on a relaxed Sunday late afternoon as the sun starts to shift into sunset mode. It stirs the soul. Try it this coming Sunday – you can thank me later but for now, please enjoy this moment of bliss. Cheers.

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Dreaming About Love St Project
2 04:09 Latin Chill Audio Shaman
3 08:33 Relaxin' At Moribaya (Instrumental) Kante Manfila
4 12:45 Feel The Light Clelia Felix
5 17:09 Welcome Blue Hour Chris Le Blanc
6 19:37 On Dope (Album Version) Mr. Moods
7 23:46 Heartbeat TerraHill
8 27:19 To All Of You Rjd2
9 31:13 Dupah Dupont Nightwalker
10 34:40 White Caps (Sylt Mix) Stargazer
11 38:30 Night Cruise Vincenzo and Rivera
12 42:47 Places I've Been (Unreleased 1995 Version) Tru-Skool Disciples
13 46:52 Energy Transferring System Massa Takemoto
14 53:43 In The Evening Keisuke Sakai
15 57:57 Desert Fall Blue Match
Listen Now:

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RH42 - Deep Dynamix (Deep House Mix)

• August 6th, 2014

"A good woman can make you feel sexy, strong and able to take on the world...Ohh sorry that's wine.... wine does that ..." - Anon

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Sea Fever Acid Andee
2 04:12 Melancholin Babak
3 08:18 Change Stimming
4 15:11 Can You Feel It Adiosoul, Cooper
5 22:08 Nawe (Sauces Mix) Cubique DJ CB
6 27:07 The Power Structure (Main mix) Nick Holder
7 31:50 Windy City The Disclosure Project
8 38:39 How You Make Me Smile (Vincenzo Remix) Jody Wisternoff, Pete Josef
9 44:26 When You Get There (Matthias Vogt Remix) Evan Iff, Matthias Vogt
10 50:43 Life Ain't a Dream (COF Original Mix) Circle Of Funk
11 58:31 The One I Lost (URH Remix) JazzLoungerz, E-Man
Listen Now:

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RL73 - Global Lounge Tourism: Crossing Africa (African Lounge Compilation)

• July 30th, 2014

There are times, and for me it occurs on Sunday afternoons, when one simply wants to grab a glass of red/white wine (depending on the weather), line up a lovely downtempo set or playlist, sit back on the couch and chill like it was the moment before the Big Bang and all hell was let loose. At such calm and utterly peaceful times I do like to listen to the unusual tracks in my collection. Now a couple of weeks ago I had reason to go to Lesotho in Southern Africa and the trip inspired in me a desire for a sound I had really last heard, ironically, in a book store in Italy. There I was browsing the music section when all of a sudden I heard a track that stopped me in my, well, tracks. It was some African song …probably from the East somewhere and it occurred to me then how much I would love to do a set or compilation of music of that nature. So of course when I got to Lesotho, the whole thought revived and I set about collection tracks for not one but a couple of African Lounge compilations. This adds to my already significant South American and Asian collection so you can expect some compilations focused on those parts of the world soon enough.

Look, I know a lot of this music is utterly foreign to most subscribers of this blog. I checked my stats recently and the majority of listeners come from Europe (UK and Germany in particular) and the USA so I know people will not be immediately in tune with the music in this compilation. But, really, if you could tolerate and maybe even love the music from The Lion King then, at the very least, this compilation should prove to be a most interesting and entertaining proposition for you. If you are a fellow collector then you are in luck – a collection of true African collectables and all unmixed!

Whatever point of view you come from, please take an hour or so and allow me to take you to a place where music is celebrated and revered. If you are not moved, then, at the very least, I hope you will be entertained. Enjoy!

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Andinzwi Oliver Mtukudzi
2 07:23 Mbube Ladysmith Black Mambazo
3 10:20 Sinama Denw Habib Koité
4 13:42 7 Seconds Youssou N'Dour
5 18:33 Miri Yoro Adama Yalomba
6 26:41 Asimbonanga Johnny Clegg/Savuka
7 31:07 Sou Les Go
8 34:13 The Crossing Johnny Clegg/Savuka
9 39:02 Raki Oliver Mtukudzi
10 46:04 Nipelaki Kwa Baba Doctor King'Esi
11 48:55 African Sky Blue Johnny Clegg/Juluka
12 52:52 Fundo Di Matu Manecas Costa
13 58:19 Homeless Ladysmith Black Mambazo
14 62:29 The Well Seydu
Listen Now:

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RH41 - Deep Soul Essentials (Funky Vocal Soulful House Mix)

• July 18th, 2014

A long, long time ago – so long, in fact, that nobody can actually be sure if such a time even took place at all. But legends of it remain till today and one of these legends/myths/stories tells of a man who had this epic vision. Now personally I had forgotten most of the story but something of it has lingered in my mind since the day I read it years ago. It was a single line – a line of power and perfect construction. Every once in a while you run into a sentence that does this to you and makes a deep impression – one that lingers for years. You will probably forget the context from which the sentence was lifted but the link is established somewhere in your mind and just stays.

Anyway, this man tells of a vision he had and he starts off his account with this memorable sentence: “Me thought a Being more than vast, in size beyond all bounds, called out my name”. Yes, I know – it might be meaningless to you. But there is something about its construction, and whatever is being described by it that just heightens every sense in my body. “a Being more than vast” …are you kidding me?? How many different stories could one start with that intro?

Now I am telling you all this because a sentence, an idea had the power to grasp me and affect me with wonder and admiration for years and years. The exact same can be said about Soulful House. You see, “Me thought I heard some epic s&^t” once upon a time and have ever since been addicted to “4-to-the-Floor” soulful beats. There is something about them that fills me with a lightness of being and I simply cannot get enough. So please excuse me if you thought this Blog was dead – I will never stop buying House music and, by extension, will never stop mixing it – I mean, is there a better way to enjoy it? I made this one about a week ago and after listening to it a couple of times I thought I would share it because every song on here deserves to be shared with appreciating ears. I truly hope you enjoy this mix. It is a product of love, devotion and adoration of a genre that has captured many of us. Listen – Relax – Love – Feel Free. Ciao!.

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Well Of Love (JazzySOUL Ambient Reprise Mix) Davidson Ospina Feat. MJ White
2 06:27 Call Me The Remixes (Kojo Akusa Sun Down Mix) Cei Bei
3 13:25 Into My Soul Aki Bergen Feat. Carmen Sherry
4 18:27 Adore (Rod Boyd Dub) CJay Swayne, Pryce Oliver
5 23:52 Held On To Me (Club Mix) Afronaut & AphroDisiax Feat. Sabrina Chyld
6 28:15 I Can't Get Enough (Harlum Remix) Daniel J. & DJ Jaz feat. Dahrio Wonder
7 36:15 Can't Be (Main Vocal Mix) Deepconsoul, Alpha & Olmega, Cosmiq
8 42:08 Cada Vez (Grant Nelson Vocal Mix) Negrocan
9 48:17 Make Me Over (Sole Essential BlaQvudoo Mix) Distant People Feat. Nicole Mitchell
10 55:42 True Love (Petalpusher Love Dub) Aquanote
11 61:18 Deep Down (Sean McCabe Main Mix) Robert Owens
Listen Now:

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RL72 - Black Sheep Sessions: ACT II (Lounge Mix)

• May 29th, 2014

"Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympethetic with the striving and tolerant with the weak and wrong. Sometime in your life, you will have been all of these."

Track List

No. Time Title Artist/Band
1 00:00 Underwater Love Smoke City
2 03:52 Hedonist (Wishing Stone Mix) Silur
3 07:13 Electra (Religion Cut) airstream
4 12:37 Time is the enemy Quantic
5 16:11 Lucsus Deep Dive Corp
6 22:11 Background Movement Mu-Bone
7 25:08 Fila Brasilia Septentrion
8 27:46 Funky Dory (Expander Mix) Elevation
9 31:10 Caliente T_Mo
10 34:07 Rambla Mescalito
11 40:07 The Urban Chill Zone DJ MNX
12 44:58 Alpen Rock Deeper Sublime, Eriq Johnson
13 48:24 Kenio Darshan
14 52:13 The Chase Smiler
15 55:26 We Be Wax Tailor Feat. Ursula Rucker
Listen Now:

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